On Monday October 10th students from Chapman University, CSU Fullerton, and CSU Long Beach gathered to hear National Athletic Training Association (NATA) president Scott Sailor, EdD, ATC, give a presentation to over 50 students. This was the second time NATA’s president had ever come to Chapman’s campus, the first time being over 6 years ago.




Dr. Jason Bennett, Chapman’s Athletic Training (AT) director, met with NATA president Scott Sailor at a meeting in February 2016 and worked with him to coordinate a lecture where Dr. Bennett commented “helps expose the students to see the big picture of their profession which is important when students can easily get caught up in the day to day routine of obtaining their degrees.”



NATA President with Chapman University AT Masters Students and Faculty


Several Chapman students who attended the lecture commented on how moving the presentation was. Steph Swan, a first year AT student at Chapman described the beginning on the presentation: “He [NATA President Scott Sailor] had 17 people stand up from the audience to represent the 17 high school athletes that died last year. Some of those deaths could have been prevented if adequate care was provided within the first 3-5 minutes. Scott used this to show us why our profession is so important, we are the health care professionals that are available to athletes within the first 3-5 minutes of an emergency.” Callie Zeigler, also a first year AT student at Chapman was struck by Dr. Sailor’s lecture point regarding the Latin term on the back of a quarter and how it relates to the AT profession. He said the Latin term “out of many one”, and it reminded us that no matter our background or where we want to go with athletic training in the future, we are all athletic trainers and need to continue to support each other.”



NATA President with Chapman University AT Faculty

With several schools in Southern California coming together for a common goal, more AT students were able to be exposed to another professional in the AT world. As Dr. Bennett commented it gave students the opportunity to learn that they are the ones who are able to “carve the future for Athletic Training.”


NATA President with CSU Fullerton AT Undergraduate Students


NATA President with CSU Long Beach AT Undergraduate Students



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