March Events:

  • Jessica Lynn’s Transgender Journey – Wednesday March 15, 2017 7pm-8pm – Beckman Hall 404
  • AMSA general meeting – Ms. Leslie Lim – Representative from Marshall B. Ketchum School of PA Studies – Wednesday March 15th, 2017 from 7pm-8pm in SC 150
  • DPT Information Session – Saturday March 18, 2017 9am -1pm – RSVP required; Rinker MAT Neuromuscular Lab 150
  • *SAVE THE DATE: Senior Awards Banquet- May 18, 2017 7pm, complimentary for graduating seniors and 2 guests, RSVP required to by May 16, 2017

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. David Richards, DPT

This week we had the privilege of interview Dr. David Richards, DPT, who leads Chapman’s anatomy department.

  • What schooling have you had?
    • Dr. Richards first attended University of California, Irvine and received two bachelors’ degrees: a Bachelors of Arts in History and a Bachelors of Science in Biology.  He then went on to attend the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of Southern California, where he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate degree with an emphasis in neurological physical therapy.
  •  What are some interesting and fun facts about you?
    •  Dr. Richards’ favorite food is burritos, especially those from Cali Tacos just down Chapman Avenue.  His favorite celebrity is Paul Giamatti, because of his role in the movie Sideways. Lastly, his favorite bone is the radius, because he has broken it twice.
  • Where do you think the field of Physical Therapy will be in 10 years?
    • Dr. Richards said, “I think physical therapy over time will shift from seeing patients in clinics to personal home-based treatments.  Patients who need PT will seek treatment from either personal home therapists or from therapists in a hospital setting. I also think there will be increase in specialization within physical therapy.”
  • What is your favorite part about Chapman University?
    • Dr. Richards said his favorite part of the university is the students he works with.  “The majority of the students I teach are extremely engaged, and create a [great] environment for people to work together.  I also get the opportunity to connect with students in a way that is not offered at other larger colleges.”
  • What advice do you have for your students?
    • Dr. Richards said “the best advice I have is to get comfortable with the idea that when studying biological sciences, there is seldom one correct answer.  Everything in the body has high variation, so students should be comfortable with multiple right answers, which is sometimes hard to grasp.”


SGA Crean Updates:

  1. Senate approved the new Crean atrium furniture. Crean Hall will be getting new tables and chairs to increase study space and enhance productivity on our part of campus.
  2. Juliane Corpus (other Crean senator) is working on an integrative Peer Mentor program for Crean-relevant student organizations
  3. Friendly reminder to utilize the Crean computer lab, open access to all students. Make sure to follow the newly posted signage inside of Crean.
  4. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns about Crean please contact your Crean Senators!


Yasi Sanandaj

Weekly SGA office hours: Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm, AF 303 or Crean atrium


Juliane Corpus

Office Hours: Mondays 12:15-2:15pm and Thursdays 4-5pm, AF 303 or Crean atrium