Athletic training is a unique profession that allows patients and clinicians to work together nearly every day. AT’s get to know all of their athletes on an individual level and share in their triumphs and tribulations both on and off the field. Working in a major league sport like the NFL is a dream for many in this profession. For athletic training graduate students Alex Dassoff ‘18 and Morgan Batcheller ’18 that dream has become a reality.

Morgan first started with the Chargers while they were still in San Diego and was able to work in their old facility during OTA’s (organized team activities), mini-camp and team bonding at Camp Penalton’s Paintball fields before the move to LA. She interviewed with hundreds of other applicants to be a summer intern, and got it. She was then asked to remain on with the Chargers as a student AT. Despite the long days and short nights “the experience has been unreal,” says Morgan. She helped the Chargers pack up San Diego and unload days before training camp in three different locations. She then helped move them into the new permanent facility just days before the first regular season game. “As a female in the NFL it’s great to see how accepting the players and coaches are to having a female work as a health care professional in this so called boys club”. Morgan feels that there is definitely a place for women in the league but believes it takes real patience and perseverance to work in any professional sport.

For Alex, working with the Chargers has given him the chance to see what it’s really like to work in the NFL. The athletic training staff were welcoming and have gone out of their way to make sure that the experience is educational. All of the knowledge and skills Alex learned in class are applied on a daily basis, especially rehabilitation skills using of state of the art equipment. Alex is confident that this experience will help him accomplish his future goal of working with elite athletes.

Morgan and Alex will remain with the Chargers for the rest of the season. They look forward to traveling across the country to help each of their patients “achieve their dreams.”