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six alumni panelists

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This is an opportunity to hear from six young alumni and their professional experiences after graduation.

Remy Cashman (FP ’17)
Post Production Assistant – Sunset Gower Studios
My job mainly consists of wearing several different hats, working in a post-production office and doing everything from substitute ADR to continuity charts, to grabbing lunch for major Hollywood producers.
When I’m not working there, I’m co-writing an animated series and performing standup comedy in LA.

Trisha Vo (TBJ ’11)
Animation Production Supervisor – Pearl Studio/Netflix
Trisha Vo is a production supervisor who specializes in story & editorial for animated features and television production. She has worked in various capacities for DreamWorks Animation on projects including Guillermo del Toro’s TV series “3Below” as well as his Emmy-nominated series “Trollhunters.” Additionally, she helped develop and coordinate Turbo and Home for DreamWorks Animation. She is currently supervising on Glen Keane’s Over the Moon for Netflix and Pearl Studio.

Makena Costlow (FP ’17)
Assistant Editor – The Third Floor
The Third Floor, the world’s leading visualization company, uses animation to plan films, television, commercials, video games, theme park rides, and virtual reality. As the Assistant Editor to the marketing department, I source, ingest, and edit footage for new business and marketing sizzle reels.

Jordan Kaiser (CRPR ’17)
National Publicity Assistant – Sony Pictures Entertainment
As a National Publicity Assistant, I work with press outlets to secure talk show appearances, magazine and newspaper features, online articles, and podcast interviews for the cast members and filmmakers involved in each of Sony’s films. I also assist with coordinating and executing awards campaigns, press junkets, premieres, and other promotional events for our films.

Daniel Dabach (FTV ’18)
Writers’ Assistant – “The Morning Show” (on Apple TV+)
As a Writers’ Assistant, I work with the Writing Staff of an upcoming TV series to assist in the process of breaking a season of television! This includes participating in and notating daily discussions, performing independent research and writing comprehensive documents to track the development of the series. I also assist with coordinating and drafting all written materials sent out to the studio, network, and Producer-level talent attached to the project.

Tucker Cowan (CRPR ’15)
Assistant to Lucy Fisher –  Red Wagon Entertainment
One of five people at the company, Tucker is responsible for reading and bringing in new material, writing notes on all project drafts, and helping to manage the development process for our slate of film and television projects. This fall, he will be coordinating production for Red Wagon on the reboot of their 1996 film, THE CRAFT, with Blumhouse and Sony.