Dodge College alumni have always played an integral part in the growth of the university and now more than ever we are calling on alumni to continue their support. Diversity and Inclusion are no longer initiatives that can be put on the back burner and Dean Galloway has already started to focus his efforts on this. We are asking all alumni to consider supporting Dodge College’s D&I initiatives with their time and knowledge.

Follow the link to the Dodge Alumni Engagement Survey if you are interested in working with Dodge College on these D&I Initiatives.

In addition to supporting D&I, we want to know about you and your careers. What success are you having? What new projects are you working on? What promotions have you received? We want to celebrate you! Submit your responses on the Engagement survey or use the Formsite.

Feel free to reach out to Alumni & Student Career Advisor, Jon Hernandez, with any questions.