Check out these upcoming film festival and fellowship opportunities and don’t forget to send any new films in for review by the Festival and Industry Office:

CineYouth Film Festival
14th Annual, April 27th-29th 2018
Regular Deadline: February 12th 2018
Seeking: Shorts under 15 minutes from filmmakers 22 and under
Fee: $15
To apply, visit:

Hamburg International Short Film Festival
34th Annual, June 5th-11th 2018
Deadline: February 16th 2018
Seeking: Shorts under 30 minutes
To apply, visit:

Humboldt International Film Festival
51st Annual, April 18th-21st 2018
Regular Deadline: February 28th 2018
Fee: $10 with Code
Seeking: Short films under 40 minutes
To apply, visit:

San Jose International Short Film Festival
9st Annual, October 11th-14th 2018
Earlybird Deadline: March 9th 2018
Fee: $30
Seeking: Short films, pilots, and Web Series Episodes under 30 minutes
To apply, visit:

Alpinale Short Film Festival
33rd Annual, August 2018
Deadline: March 15th 2018
Seeking: Short films under 30 minutes
To apply, visit:

Palm Springs International ShortFest
23rd Annual, Oscar-Qualifying, June 19th-25th 2018
Regular Deadline: March 15th 2018
Fee: $30 with code
Seeking: Short films under 25 minutes
To apply, visit:

SCAD Savannah Film Festival
21st Annual, October 27th-November 3rd 2018
Earlybird Deadline: March 30th 2018
Fee: FREE for Students on the first deadline
Seeking: Short films under 25 minutes
To apply, visit:

Labs, Contests, and Fellowships

Actuality Media Scholarship Competition
Deadline: March 1st 2018
Seeking: 3-5 minute short documentary about a local changemaker.
What it is: We’re giving aspiring filmmakers the chance to win a 2018 Actuality Media Documentary Outreach in India, Cambodia, Guatemala or Zambia worth up to $3,500. Our Documentary Outreach programs are month-long trips during which students create an original documentary film and gain hands-on experience with filmmaking on location and nonfiction storytelling.
To apply, visit:

Sundance Institute Episodic Program
September 28 – October 3, 2018
Deadline: March 15th 2018
Fee: $40
Seeking: Pilot and series overview proposal
What it is: The Sundance Institute Episodic Lab is a six-day program at the Sundance Resort in Utah that offers writers the opportunity to workshop an original pilot script, while developing their writing and pitching skills.
To apply, visit:

Stephanie Rothman Fellowship
June 2018
Deadline: April 1st 2018
Seeking: Women in an undergraduate or graduate university or college film school program who are pursuing or interested in genre film (horror, sci-fi, action, fantasy, thriller)
What it is: This $5,000 Fellowship will be awarded by passionate genre film professionals (who also happen to be genre film fans) looking to encourage and monetarily aid like-minded student filmmakers.
To apply, visit:

As a reminder, current students are all welcome to use all discounts here on the current students site: