This summer, May 29 – July 7, graduate students, consider enrolling in Dodge’s most popular summer production class. Join a class of acting students who will be dedicated to acting in the session’s projects. Directors get an intensive rehearsal and a reliable cast, but the films also provide great opportunities for cinematographers, producers, editors, and sound designers. Students may work within their discipline or gain experience in a different area.

A wide variety of projects are made in the class: dramas, comedies, horror, even musicals, and spec commercials. Projects need only be short and castable from the co-enrolled student actors. We will have a screening of the finished films next fall.

The schedule of the class is extremely flexible and can usually work around students with work, travel, internships, or other classes during the summer. And remember that elective courses including summer courses cost no additional tuition for graduate students.

If you are serious about getting the most out of your graduate education, do what hundreds of the best graduate students who have ever gone through the program have done and build your skills in this class.

Contact Professor Dave Kost: for more information.