Join us as we screen student-produced documentaries made this past summer in the United Kingdom profiling members of the Sikh community:

Monday, December 4
7 p.m.
Folino Theater

A filmmaker Q&A and reception to follow.

The following short documentaries will premiere:

Tigerstyle –  Raj and his brother, Pops, make up the popular music duo Tigerstyle. Based in Glasgow, the brothers work as DJs and music producers, creating hip-hop bhangra fusion music. While Western music is centered around a partying culture, Tigerstyle aims to promote Sikh values in their music. Raj prioritizes his family and his faith above all else but it is often challenging to find a balance between these aspects of his life and his career.

Sikhing Love – A character portrait of the struggling but charming romantic Gurjeet Sira, a 41 year old wedding DJ and single father who seeks to make his life whole by finding a wife to settle down with. Through his journey he learns about himself, his Sikh culture, and the importance of family.

She Who Questions – A second-generation Sikh Scottish woman works to help her Sikh “sisters” adjust to Western society, just as she did in her childhood. She runs an organization called Sikh Sanjog, which is devoted to giving Sikh women equal opportunities in their spiritual, personal and professional lives.

Seva –The Selfless Mission – A profile of Randeep Singh Lall, a Sikh man who lives in Southall, west London. He established a non-profit organization called S.W.A.T (Sikh Welfare and Awareness Team) to help the homeless and other troubled souls around the UK. He brings the traditional Sikh idea of langar to the streets of London, serving hundreds of hot meals four days a week.

Drawn To Life – Raj is a talented artist who creates detailed pencil drawings of people’s faces, including portraits of the Sikh gurus he most admires. After struggling with depression and anxiety for years, Raj is now returning to his artwork with a renewed sense of purpose and connection to his faith and family. Re-engaged with his community, Raj now works to help others through his art by sharing his struggles and triumphs.

Warrior Kaur – 17-year-old female martial arts champion Harleen Kaur balances her normal teenage life in northern England, with training for the Olympics, as she strengthens her connection with her Sikh faith. Her faith nurtures her athletic feats, and vice versa.

These films are produced by students in the Dhont Documentary Center at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and made possible through donor generosity.

Seating is first come. All are welcome!

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