Info Sessions

Two Info Sessions are now planned for Social Nonfiction Methodologies, a joint course between the School of Communication and Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (only attend one session):

  • Monday, September 23, 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday, October 2, 7 p.m
    Chapman Studios West Documentary
    Screening Room 101 

No need to RSVP for the info session

The Course

This class is a documentary and communication travel course in Interterm 2020 to one of the most dramatic countries in the world, the Philippines. The class will begin with a week of pre-production and research at Chapman’s Orange campus, led by Dean of the School of Communication, Dr. Lisa Sparks, and Professor Sally Rubin. The course will then travel to the Philippines for nine days. After filming our documentaries in Manila, we will then continue filming scenics and editing while we travel to Cebu, one of the most extraordinary and pristine areas of the Philippines. In Cebu we will spend several days swimming with whale sharks, exploring the island’s turquoise waters, canyoning and waterfall jumping, and hiking through picturesque mountains, riverbeds, and pristine beaches. Chapman University will have its own float in the Fluvial boat parade, part of the Sinulog festival, the biggest festival in the country. We will stay in 4 and 5-star hotels throughout the duration of the course. The class will emphasize visual anthropology and ethnography and exploring other cultures and traditions through the medium of communication and documentary. Each student will be part of a group and will complete a documentary film by the end of the course. Fee: See flier. 3 credits. Open to recent grads as well. No documentary filmmaking experience required.

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Email or with questions.

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