FTV 329-14 / 529-14 The First Ten Pages
Instructor: Adam Coplan
M/W/F 4-7:50 p.m. DMAC 124

Agents, Managers, Producers, Executives and their legions of gatekeepers all know within the first 10 pages whether a script is worth their time and an overwhelming number of screenwriters fail to recognize this and adapt accordingly. This is especially the case for less experienced screenwriters and those fresh out of academia.

This class examines the first 10 pages of each student’s screenplay as a perfect introduction to their work for any industry professionals fortunate enough to read it, but more importantly, drive those readers to keep turning pages rather than moving on to the next in the pile. It will teach students the importance of immediately engaging their audience and how that is best accomplished, especially with professionals when more often than not, 10 pages (or less) is all you get. What is the right type of opening scene for each student’s specific work? How do they best feature the core expectations of the audience based on their chosen genres? What questions can be generated in the minds of any potential readers forcing them to not want, but need to continue reading in order to find satisfying answers?

For more information, email filmdivision@chapman.edu