Check out one of Dodge’s Television Broadcast Journalism Alumni Dani Abraham’s first feature film as a producer “Murder, Anyone?”

It tells the story of two playwrights, George and Charlie, who are tasked with the challenge of creating the next “avant-garde, surrealistic, mind-bending neo-noir thriller.” As they write, the story comes to life in real time. However, their own emotions and arguments also begin to manifest on film, creating sharp twists and turns that affect the entire movie. Filled with hilarity and chaos, Murder, Anyone? is a comedic play-within-a-play-within-a-movie that contemplates the complexities of language, art, theater, film, and more!

They just had an incredible film festival run, maintaining a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes throughout. It stars Spencer Breslin, Academy Award Nominee Sally Kirkland, Maurice LaMarche, and so many more! 

You can stream it now on Amazon, Google Play, AppleTV, and Vudu!