On Friday, February 24th, Dodge held its One-Day Career Launch Bootcamp where students could learn the business basics behind starting their own company or a freelancing career in the entertainment industry.

Students gained knowledge on the basics of entrepreneurship including how to start and grow a company and your own personal brand; financing, accounting, and business analysis; and intellectual property and protection.

Guest speakers included:

  • Marshall Toplansky: The Innovation Professor at Argyros School of Business and Economics and Feudal Future Podcast Co-Host
  • Josh Scraeder: Entrepreneurial and analytical operations and financial leader
  • Ariana Santoro: Patent Attorney at Omni Legal Group who helps inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all kinds to protect their great ideas.

Alumni Speakers included:

  • Tom Teller from Frame 28
  • Yusef Chabayta and Andrew Chennisi from Broca Films
  • Jenn Mickelson from RYB
  • Karam Gill and Andrew Primavera from MGX Creative

Keep an eye out for other cool Career Center events this semester!