Script 2 Screens is a screenplay competition where the Grand Prize Winning script will receive a budget of $50,000 in cash and production services to produce a high-quality short film or proof of concept.

If your dream is to be a screenwriter or filmmaker, you essentially need two things:

A high-quality project to showcase your work to producers and studio executives AND access to these A-level decision makers… This contest gives you both!

How do you apply?

Submit either a SHORT script (max 30 pages in length) or a full FEATURE or PILOT script for which a Proof of Concept short film will be produced.

Who will be making this Proof of Concept?

Top Industry professionals that have worked on such films as: Twilight, Terminator, Genisys, Matrix, Ray, War of The Worlds, Lincoln, Oblivion, Funny People, Austin Powers: The Spy that Shagged Me, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Mad Men, Godless, Big Love and more!

Who are the A-level Judges?

The judges for Script2Screens competition are all industry veterans who have tons of experience and knowledge to drop, taking your screenplay to the next level.

The judges include Oscar winners Mark Johnson and Tom Ortenberg, Arthur Sarkissian, Steven Conrad, Jackie Tepper, Steven Schneider and Raquelle David. Their Producer credits collectively include, but are not limited to: Spotlight, Crash, Rain Man, The Notebook, Better Call Saul, the Rush Hour series, the Walking Dead, While You Were Sleeping, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Chronicles of Narnia, Split, Glass and more. 

Do students get a discount?

Of course they do! Just type in the submission CODE: student15off and you will receive 15% off the submission price.

It’s truly like no other competition! Good luck! And we’ll see you on set!

Please feel free to reach out to should you have any further questions.

Access the full information sheet here.