Spring 2019
FTV 329-05/ 529-05: Experimental Cinema
Instructor: Chuck Workman 
Mondays: 4 – 6:45 p.m.

Prerequisite: Dodge College major, documentary or visual effects minor. Graduate or undergraduate.

This course will introduce students to the production and aesthetics of experimental techniques in film, video and digital production, demonstrating how non-narrative elements can be used as personal and poetic expression. Students will study the important experimental and avant-garde cinema classics, from the Surrealists to the great “underground” filmmakers of the ’60s and ’70s to the present.

As students experience this, they will gain hands-on knowledge of this genre by creating their own experimental work using film, traditional video, emerging digital technologies, as well as personal devices like iPads and smartphones, looking outside the conventions of established narrative and documentary filmmaking to create individual art and unique and relevant cinema. Students, as a result, will get a deeper knowledge of all forms of visual storytelling, and achieve a valuable new understanding of the basics of mainstream narrative and documentary cinema at the same time.