SW 417: Writing for Audio (Part of the Writing for Evolving Platforms)
Instructor: Kc Wayland 
Thursdays: 7 – 9:45 p.m. 

About the Course: Writing for Audio, part of the Writing for Evolving Platforms (SW 471) BFA requirement, focuses on scripted narratives that have no visual component. This class will explore several methodologies and writing methods that best illustrate something aurally onto the page. Most screenwriting classes emphasize “show, not tell”, while this employs “show through tell”. With various exercises focusing on the individual components of sound and dialogue, the class will eventually build to creating a script that will be fully casted, recorded and produced in partnership with the Audio Techniques course.

About the Instructor: Kc Wayland acted as lead writer/editor/director/producer of “We’re Alive” on each of the 48 episodes from 2009 to 2014. The rise of “We’re Alive” coincided with the booming popularity of podcasts and zombie culture, standing out for its gritty urban realism and focus “theatre for the mind” audio techniques. Its success earned the show a place within the Nerdist Podcast Network, garnering over 50 million downloads in the course of its run. The series was also nominated for and Audie by the Audio Producers Association, and was in iTunes Best of 2012.

Following the success of “We’re Alive,” Wayland signed with the Paradigm Talent Agency in February of 2016, and began working on the 10-part audio-theater series, “Bronzeville” starring Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate, to name a few from the all-star cast.

Kc Wayland continues to strive towards expanding the audio-drama industry and helping others understand and build on the new art wave that is “Theater for the Mind”.

For more information, please email: cwayland@chapman.edu