TVNT just launched their first event of the year, which features two key crew members of Netflix’s most-watched limited series ever: “The Queen’s Gambit“.

For $5.00 off use code: 5OFFALUMNI 

The event will be on Saturday the 16th (all day!), you can request and accept one-to-one video-chats ahead of time around your own schedule, and attend them from your own couch, your office, your car, or wherever you will be at the scheduled time. TVNT takes care of all the ZOOM rooms for you!

Special guests VFX Supervisor and Composer will be accepting meeting requests, plus you’ll be able to request meetings with everyone else attending. We highly advise that you start right now, to ensure the best TVNT experience.

TVNT’s mission is to allow you to make long-lasting professional friendships that will in a way or another generate positivity in your career like it is happening for so many of 2020’s attendees.