It’s time to start thinking about your Film Festival Strategy for your thesis and short films.  Rona Edwards (author of “The Complete Filmmakers Guide to Film Festivals”) will be teaching a Summer 6-week class on Maneuvering Film Festivals beginning May 29th.  There is limited space and a cap to the class so the sooner students register, the better.

There are over 4000+ film festivals around the world. You will learn how to create a festival strategy and advance your careers. Once accepted into a film festival, you need to learn the tools to successfully market your film and yourself so that your festival experience pays off.

This is a six-week intensive summer course in which you’ll learn:

  • * To target the right film festivals for you film(s)
  • * To create a budget for film festivals and expenses
  • * To promote your film, themselves and your skill sets
  • * The ins and outs of how to submit your film(s)
  • * To create a promotional strategy for your film(s)
  • * To create an Electronic Press Kit
  • * To create your film’s posters, postcards and promotional
  • * To learn the ins and outs of how to get free publicity
  •        for both online, print, radio and TV
  • * How to make the festival circuit work for you
    * BONUS: Possibility of discounted tickets to the Palm Springs
    Short Fest one of the best short film festivals in the world.

These are just some of the topics covered -It’s part lecture, workshop, watching festival films, guest speakers in person, on skype or possibly a meeting in LA (TBD). I’m attaching a flyer with more details but the class will take place on Tuedays and Thursdays from 10am- 1:45pm.

If you have a film that is going to be ready soon or is already ready to hit the festival circuit, this is the class for you. It’s a great way to kickstart your festival strategy for those films you’ve completed or are about to complete. If you don’t have a film, maybe a friend will let you use theirs as a prototype or we can try to match you with someone who has a film to use for the purpose of the class. Win-win situation for filmmaker and you.

Many students have had great success in submitting and being accepted into festivals in addition to winning awards and they say this is the class that helped them do it! This is a great class for directors, producers, documentary filmmakers, animators, PR/AD students as well as screenwriters, cinematographers and editors.

Remember when you’re making a film, you really can’t wait till it’s in the can to begin the Film Festival process – it will be too late!  This class will help you get your act together before taking it on the road.