24 graduate students in School Counseling and School Psychology are traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Ha Noi, Vietnam this summer with Dr. Michael Hass, Dr. Dawn Hunter and Dr. Jeanee A. Carriere. As preparation for the trip, they collected over 4,000 pieces of school supplies and play equipment for two NGOs in Siem Reap, Teach Cambodia and Grace House. While in Cambodia, they will do volunteer work at Grace House, an NGO that provides educational services to children from three small villages near Siem Reap.

On August 14th and 15, 2014, students from the Counseling and School Psychology Travel Courses attended and presented at the Consortium to 4th International Conference on School Psychology in Vietnam. conference in Hanoi, Vietnam,  of which Chapman University and the College of Educational Studies is a founding member.

4th International Conference on School Psychology in Vietnam (CASP-I) will bring together psychologists, researchers, educators, counselors, educational administrators and social workers who work in a wide variety of settings throughout the world.  The CASP-I conference theme is “Developing Training Programs and Managing Quality Assurance for Training and Services in School Psychology in Vietnam”.

  • Share research on quality training in school psychology;
  • Develop standards and quality assurance indicators for training programs in school psychology in Vietnam;
  • Promote and advocate for psychologists as professionals in educational settings and community-based services;
  • Increase collaboration and coordination between researchers, clinicians, and policy makers in Vietnam

The graduate programs in Counseling and School Psychology have sponsored short-term travel courses in Guatemala, Cambodia and Vietnam. These study abroad programs afford students practical experience and allow them to provide more culturally competent services to families from these areas that are living and learning in California.

Since 2009, 4 CES faculty members and 42 students have traveled to Vietnam to participate in variety of activities, including teaching, student-to-student exchanges, conference presentations and other professional and cultural activities. The CES will soon establish a collaborative agreement with Vietnam National University, University of Education, Ha Noi, which will expand and strengthen the CES’ involvement in Vietnam.

For more information about the Counseling and School Psychology Travel Courses or the Consortium to Advance School Psychology International please contact:

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