Dr. Peter McLaren headshotThis last semester has been one of continued achievements for the College of Educational Studies’ own Dr. Peter McLaren.  While teaching and engaging our students in study and research, he has also been the recipient of a number of awards and recognition. It is noteworthy that Dr. McLaren has welcomed international scholars from places such as China, Mexico, and Turkey who have requested to work with him on a number of research topics at Chapman University this semester. As the 2016 summer unfolds, he finds himself with Dr. Suzanne SooHoo teaching in China where he has been named Chair Professor of Critical Studies and Honorary Director of the Center for Critical Pedagogy Research. Dr. SooHoo has also been named an Honorary Director of the Center, the first Center for Critical Pedagogy ever established in China. Professor McLaren’s travels will also include a trip to Ensenada, Mexico where he will be teaching at the Instituto McLaren and speaking at their summer conference. During the Spring semester, Dr. McLaren was invited to speak at Loyola Marymount University as the Leavy Chair Lecture Series Presidential Speaker and the University of Helsinki in Finland.

This semester has found Dr. McLaren receiving additional recognition for his work and leadership in the field of education and critical pedagogy. An interview with Professor McLaren by Professor Yu Wei entitled “Critical Pedagogy and the Struggle for Social Justice” has recently been published in one of China’s most prestigious education journals, Studies in Foreign Education. He was recognized by the Finnish organization HundrED as one of the top 100 education thought leaders in the world envisioning education in a way that will help the country to remain a world leader in the field.  HundrED is a part of the celebration program for Finland’s centenary of independence in 2017. He shares this honor with scholars such as Sir Ken Robinson and Dr. Andy Hargreaves. He has also been elected Chair of an American Education Research Association (AERA) Special Interest Group, Marxian Analysis of Society, Schools and Education, for a 3-year term. At the 2016 Conference, Dr. McLaren was awarded the AERA Division B (Curriculum Studies) Outstanding Book Award for his recent publication, Pedagogy of Insurrection: From Resurrection to Revolution. This same book was awarded the Society of Professors of Education Book Award for 2016.  This year, Dr. McLaren’s book, Life in Schools, was named a classic in, Popular Educational Classics: A Reader, edited by Dr. Joseph DeVitis. He is in the notable company of Jerome Bruner, Paul Goodman, Herbert Kohl, Ivan Illich, Paulo Freire, Henry Giroux, Nel Noddings, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Lisa Delpit, and David Berliner in receiving such an honor. His work has also been honored in a book entitled: This Fist Called My Heart: The Peter McLaren Reader, Volume I, edited by Drs. Marc Pruyn and Luis Huerta-Charles which also came out over this last semester. Dr. McLaren’s work continues to be recognized for its excellence as he brings the name of Chapman to all parts of the world. We are especially happy that he brings this knowledge into dialogue and partnership with the students in our education programs in a way that continues to enhance the learning and scholarship produced from our college.