Students standing in front of the Peter McLaren building

Dr. Peter McLaren, a world-renowned scholar and activist, is one of the early architects of Critical Pedagogy and has made enormous contributions to Marxist analysis in education and liberation theology. He is widely recognized in Latin America where his work has informed social movements, grassroots organizing, and teaching. He has personally worked with workers’ unions, schools, community education centers and numerous other organizations. His consistent and emphatic support of local, anti-capitalist, democratic efforts in Latin America has earned him numerous awards and honors, including two honorary doctorates.

His latest recognition comes from the Escuela Normal Superior de Neiva, which has named one of its buildings in his honor. This teachers college is located in the rural regions of Colombia, south of the capital Bogotá. Their motto is “Escuela de Vida y Debida” (School of Life and Dedication) and  emphasizes balance and resistance via critical literacy practices.

Above is a photo of students honoring the Peter McLaren building at the Escuela Normal Superior de Neiva. Learn more about the school: