A Revolutionary Subject book coverAttallah College of Educational Studies Associate Professor Lilia D. Monzó, Ph.D., has published a new book: A Revolutionary Subject: Pedagogy of Women of Color and Indigeneity, that is a Marxist-humanist rereading of coloniality and gendered exploitation that features the voices and experiences of working-class indigenous women and women of color. It is a call to educators, grassroots organizers, and others to recognize the enormous historical legacy of revolutionary women, past and present.

A Revolutionary Subject encourages readers to identify and reexamine deeply routed standards and practices of inequity that support white supremacist and patriarchal capitalism. The book draws upon Marxist and humanist theory as well as the work of Paulo Frieire, while sharing real-life examples from indigenous women and women of color. Dr. Monzó’s message is one of hope: her goal is to move toward a model of economic, environmental, and social sustainability that celebrates diversity, to rethink our humanity and our place in the world:

“To achieve a new world, we will need to listen to each, love each other, and fight together.”