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Monthly Archives: December 1992

Nisei Parade & Little Tokyo- California’s Gold (312)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:22 am, by

Join Huell as he takes a look at the history of this Japanese American community in downtown Los Angeles, including the annual Nisei Parade and all its festivities: traditional tea ceremony; Ikebana or flower arranging and bonsai exhibits, plus more. Japanese American National Museum 369 East First Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 213-625-0414 Nisei Week information:  Continue Reading »

Mono Lake- California’s Gold (311)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:20 am, by

Join Huell for this entire episode devoted to one of America’s oldest, strangest and most beautiful lakes. Located in the eastern base of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, Mono Lake is famous for its tufa, or curious formations of calcium carbonate. Also see Cal Gold #138 for an update to this show. It includes most of this show  Continue Reading »

Bodie- California’s Gold (310)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:18 am, by

Join Huell if you’ve never been to a real live ghost town? This entire episode explores one of the last remnants of the Wild West, now a state historic park, Bodie is regarded as one of the largest and best preserved examples of an authentic ghost town. Bodie State Historic Park info: 760-647-6445 1992

Things That Crawl in the Night- California’s Gold (309)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:17 am, by

Join Huell and encounter the endangered kangaroo rat at Carrizo Plain Natural Area, considered the best example of the fragile ecosystem in the San Joaquin Valley; then experience first hand one of nature’s unique phenomenon: the grunion run, this one at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro. Carrizo Plain Natural Area Contact Info: 661-391-6000 Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Grunion  Continue Reading »

A Tale of Two Cities- California’s Gold (308)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:16 am, by

Join Huell and visit Allensworth, now a state historic park, California’s only community founded,financed and governed by African Americans during the early 1900s; tour old and new Kernville as area residents recount their experiences; and go whitewater rafting down the wild and scenic Kern River, one of the fastest flowing rivers in the nation. Allensworth State  Continue Reading »

Buildings- California’s Gold (307)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:14 am, by

Huell takes a look at some beloved buildings such as the Bayliss Branch Library in Glenn County, the only functioning Carnegie Library that is completely rural; the Twenty-nine Palms Old Schoolhouse, the oldest building in the Morongo Valley; and visits the Apple Pan in West Los Angeles, a venerable diner that has been serving hickory  Continue Reading »

Community Celebrations- California’s Gold (306)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:13 am, by

Huell watches the Bok Kai Parade, California’s oldest parade, with its colorful lion dancers, brilliant dragon and noisy firecrackers; then marvels at the world’s largest blossoming plant, the Sierra Madre Wisteria Vine; and celebrates the memory of Abraham Lincoln with a march to the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, the only shrine west of the  Continue Reading »

Singing Cowboys- California’s Gold (304)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:12 am, by

Huell meets the famous western duo, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, (and Trigger) and hears them sing their trademark song; then he meets Herb Jeffries who starred in black westerns in the late 1930s; and watch the festive 17th Annual Black Cowboy Parade in Oakland.                  1992

Blossom Trail- California’s Gold (305)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:10 am, by

Join Huell on the Blossom Trail in Fresno County, our state’s agricultural heartland; walk through the quaint and historic farming community of Reedley to the Mennonite Quilt Center and watch volunteers make beautiful quilts; savor the Armenian delicacy, keyma, one of the specialties of Uncle Harry’s Restaurant, a local landmark; and deal yourself in on the  Continue Reading »

Devil’s Jaw- California’s Gold (303)

Written on December 10, 1992 at 2:09 am, by

Watch Huell as he embarks on a journey to the most dangerous spot on the California coast and find out why it is called “Devil’s Jaw”; then visit the jewel of the California missions: La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, now a state historic park. La Purisima Mission in Lompoc: 805-733-3713 1992