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Monthly Archives: November 1994

Water Under Pressure- California’s Gold (501)

Written on November 8, 1994 at 5:09 am, by

Huell looks at two historic examples of water under pressure: first at the Malakoff Diggins State Park in the Sierra foothills, where for decades miners used tremendous water cannons to help dissolve mountains in search of precious metals. Today Huell visits a vast man-made valley that remains a testament to the power of this process.  Continue Reading »

On Stage- California’s Gold (511)

Written on November 1, 1994 at 1:19 am, by

Huell visits two unique outdoor California theaters with long traditions of their own. First stop is the Spreckles Organ in San Diego, the world’s largest outdoor organ. Weekly summer concerts have been an event there since 1915. Then we travel to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, where the unique art form tableaux vivants, or  Continue Reading »