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Monthly Archives: December 1995

Weedpatch- California’s Gold (601)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 1:16 am, by

Huell learns that many “Okies” fled the Dust Bowl in their jalopies with signs reading “California or Bust.” Out of options, they often ended up at the “Weedpatch camp,” a federal labor and living camp for migrant workers in Kern County. Huell visits this historic camp, later immortalized in John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath,” and  Continue Reading »

Olives & Berries- California’s Gold (603)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 1:13 am, by

Huell gets a taste of history as he visits two families who have turned their crops into empires. He visits both the olive orchards in the San Joaquin Valley and processing plant of the Graber family in Ontario, where for a century workers have prepared Graber Olives in almost the same way. Huell then travels  Continue Reading »

Hidden Gold- California’s Gold (605)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 1:10 am, by

Huell looks beneath the surface of our state. First he goes to the prehistoric La Brea Tar Pits in the heart of Los Angeles, where dinosaurs and other early denizens of California have been preserved in tar for thousands of years. Next, he visits California’s version of Plymouth Rock-the Presidio of San Diego-and watches as  Continue Reading »

Life in Death Valley- California’s Gold (606)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 12:48 am, by

Huell discovers that even though it’s thought of as one of the bleakest and most desolate places in the world, Death Valley can be beautiful. Contrary to its name, Death Valley is host to a wide variety of life-from prehistoric pupfish to stunning miniature wildflowers and much more! Visitor Information (760) 786-3200  1995

Scotty’s Castle- California’s Gold (607)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 12:43 am, by

Huell travels to Death Valley to learn about Walter Scott… one of the great characters of California history. Huell tours the amazing castle that now bears Scotty’s name and walks through the dry desert that Scotty loved so much. Get an intimate portrait of this California original from those who knew and loved him. Visit  Continue Reading »

Center of California- California’s Gold (608)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 12:42 am, by

Huell travels in search of the geographic center of our state and in the process visits a whole string of towns that lay claim to being “the center of California.” With the help of locals and a cartographer from the U.S. Geological Survey, Huell finally locates the exact spot and marks it by planting a state  Continue Reading »

Folsom Prison- California’s Gold (611)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 12:38 am, by

Huell tours Folsom Prison, which for well over a century has housed some of our state’s toughest characters and gets a rare look inside this landmark prison. He visits Folsom’s first death row, the chapel-which contains what has to be one of the most unusual paintings of “The Last Supper,” the historic “China Hill,” and  Continue Reading »

Zephyr- California’s Gold (610)

Written on December 10, 1995 at 12:33 am, by

Huell revisits the California Zephyr, a magnificent train which traveled between Chicago and Oakland from 1949 to 1970. Huell climbs aboard one of the original restored silver “Vista-Dome” cars and travels through some of the most spectacular scenery in the state, heading west fromLake Tahoe. Huell shares the ride with a group of people who  Continue Reading »

McCloud- California’s Gold (612)

Written on December 9, 1995 at 11:52 pm, by

Huell visits the historic lumber and railroad town of McCloud, located at the foot of Mt. Shasta, California’s second highest mountain. Included in this adventure is a trip on the famous McCloud railroad, a visit to the local swimming hole located in a magnificent natural setting and a tour of the town and its quaint,  Continue Reading »