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Visiting with Huell Howser episodes not available in Video Archives

Visiting with Huell Howser is not available to view on this site. Per Mr. Howser’s wishes, KCET has given Chapman University access to its Visiting series for student and academic research.  These episodes are available in the Chapman library and on the KCET website at  KCET and Chapman enjoy a collaborative working relationship that  Continue Reading »

Episode Update- Cal Golden Parks and Road Trip

More episodes have been posted to the Video Archives. Thanks for visiting! Liquid Art- Road Trip (114) Central Coast- Road Trip (115) Bodega Bay- Road Trip (117) Auburn- Road Trip (119) Whiskeytown- California’s Golden Parks (150) Salmon Festival- California’s Golden Parks (151) William S. Hart Park and Museum- California’s Golden Parks (153) Hidden Treasures of  Continue Reading »

Episode Update- Road Trip!

Whether you’re planning on taking a Road Trip this summer or you’re simply wanderlusting, we’ve posted more episodes to get you inspired! Barstow- Road Trip (101) Fillmore- Road Trip (102) Figueroa Corridor- Road Trip (103) Tehachapi- Road Trip (104) Avenue of the Giants- Road Trip (105) Coast Highway- Road Trip (106) Newberry Springs- Road Trip (107) San  Continue Reading »

GIS Company Launches Howser Interactive Web Map

That’s Amazing!!! ISSI has launched an interactive web map of Huell Howser adventures. Check out where he’s been! Plan your next Road Trip!

Episode Update

The following episodes have recently been posted. Take a look! In-N-Out Burger- California’s Gold (146) Starr Ranch- California’s Gold (13009) George Stanley- California’s Gold (13013) Joss House- California’s Golden Parks (103) Rancho Santa Ana Garden Tour- California’s Green (108) Solvang- Road Trip (113) Cotati- Road Trip (116) We will continue to update regularly. Thank you  Continue Reading »

Episode Update

The following episodes have recently been posted. Take a look! California Schools – California’s Gold (102) Japanese American Home Movies – California’s Gold (106) Golf Course – The Bench (001) Echo Park Dancers – The Bench (005) Union Station – The Bench (011) Manhattan Beach – The Bench (013) Hollywood and Vine – The Bench  Continue Reading »

How to Use the Huell Howser Archive

Search for favorite episodes by entering key words in the search box. You can also look at episodes by series topic, such as Missions, Palm Springs or Water. Or, you can search by episode title or episode number. The video archives are still being revised and updated. If you notice a problem, please leave a  Continue Reading »