IS&T recently deployed a new antivirus software called Cylanceprotect to all computers across the campus.  Here is what you can expect to see with the new Antivirus software.

Blocked Files:

PC users, If an application is detected by Cylance, you may receive a pop-up like the one shown below immediately after launching the program. This occurs because Cylance will quarantine the file to a secure location on your computerCylance permissions error message

Depending on your notification settings, you will receive one of the following messages from Cylance Protect.

PC Notification

Cylance Shield

These notifications can be managed in your notifications settings menu located in the “System settings”. To disable notifications, simply right-click on the Cylance Protect icon located in the system tray (bottom right corner of your desktop screen). Go to “Options” and uncheck “Show Notifications“.Disable Notifications from Cylance PC

Mac users will also receive notifications from Cylance Protect, which are shown below.Mac Cylance blocked files message

“Unsafe Files Detected” messages will allow the user to review the files. Simply click on the message to view the list of files that were blocked by Cylance.Mac Cylance blocked file review window

To turn off Cylance notifications, click on the Cylance Protect icon in the taskbar (located top left of screen), and uncheck the “Show Notifications” button.

Disable Notifications from Cylance Mac

Need Assistance?

If you believe a legitimate application was blocked in error, or if you need assistance enabling or disabling your notification setting for Cylance Protect, our Service Desk team is ready to help. Please email your request to or call at (714) 997-6600.