Have you ever wished there was someone on campus to help you learn how to use the many software programs we have access to?

Hi, my name is Jessie. I’ve been with Chapman University’s IS&T division for approximately three years.  Previously, I’ve held the Client Services Tech position I & II and managed the day to day operations at the Service Desk. We have probably met virtually before, either remotely or on the phone.

Effective June 1st, I will be IS&T’s new Software Trainer. With the expansion of campus, there’s a greater need for someone who’s knowledgeable about  all the applications, software, and programs staff are using on a daily basis. My primary role will be to help you learn how to use the different software we have available at Chapman so that you can be more productive. Curious what software is available? Please visit – chapman.edu/software. I will be hosting one-on-ones, webinars, department trainings, and hold drop-in hours to fulfill your software training needs.Three people sitting at a single computer.e training session

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You can find me on main campus at the Tech Hub – DeMille 104 and I will frequently be visiting our Rinker Campus for support, as well.

If you have any questions, would like to set up a training session, or are interested in getting trained on any licensed software, here’s my direct information:

Email: jrivera@chapman.edu