A Growing Number of Panthers Are Finding Success with the Angels

June 9, 2015 by Allison Jenney (M.A./MFA '16) | Alumni Features

When we think of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, we typically consider the daily pitching match-ups, the heavy hitters we love to watch and the fielders likely to make that one saving play. Sometimes we also dream about the chance to get on those fields ourselves. But what about the players off the


June 2, 2015 by | Chatter

Verse Things First All during April, visitors to Leatherby Libraries could spin a metal dial, lift a tiny door and pull out a skillfully word-smithed surprise. The poetic treats were the brainchild of David Krausman (M.A./MFA ’16), who decided to enliven National Poetry Month by filling a gumball machine with lines of verse written by

Seen & Heard

June 2, 2015 by | Seen & Heard

“In a nutshell, no, it isn’t two kids in a basement saying screw the man. It’s a criminal enterprise.” – Ruth Vitale, executive director of the film industry group Creative Future, on digital piracy, in Professor Harry Ufland’s spring course Movies About Marriage.   “Here’s this 22-year-old guy who signed up when he was 19

Chapman Opera Alumni Are Enjoying “Bravura” Success

June 2, 2015 by | Chapman Now

To discover what alumni of Opera Chapman have been up to lately, look no further than what some of the critics have been saying. Of tenor Daniel Curran ’08, The New York Times wrote that his performance in the title role in La descente d’Orphée aux enfers with Gotham Chamber was “precise and penetrating, with

Rick Eisleben ’69 Returns to Find Chapman Radio’s Bold Spirit Still Thriving

June 2, 2015 by Sean Woodard | Alumni

The first two days had been a breeze, but lack of sleep eventually started catching up with Rick Eisleben as in spring 1969 he continuously spun vinyl in the broadcast booth of what was then called Radio Chapman. Somehow he made it through almost another full day as friends and colleagues “encouraged” him to stay

Bluegrass-Playing Siblings Share a Bond and a Dream in Harmony

May 21, 2015 by Cathi Douglas | Features

Michael Wimberley ’16 was so small that he had to stand on an apple box when he and his three siblings first performed at Riley’s Apple Farm in January 2008. They played one song, Rabbit in the Log, during the dinner show at the mile-high outdoor theatre in Oak Glen, Calif. Two of the Wimberleys

Chapman Students and Professors Explore Cuba in a Time of Change

May 21, 2015 by | Features

The grandparents of Pablo Cueto ’16 didn’t want him setting foot on Cuban soil—not after the communist revolution swallowed up all that the family had built, forcing them to flee their home and start over from scratch in the United States. Even after half a century, the wounds remain fresh. But Cueto, a double major

Historic Ties that bind and divide with Cuba, U.S.

May 21, 2015 by | Features

Historical links and political differences ensure that the question of what to do about Cuba still stirs passions in the United States. Despite Obama Administration steps to normalize relations, a Republican-controlled Congress isn’t likely to lift the decades-old trade embargo, said James Coyle, Ph.D., director of global education at Chapman. “As long as the Castro

Ryan Gattis gets success with a little help from his friend

May 21, 2015 by Jessica Fry '15 | Uncategorized

Ryan Gattis ’01 had just gotten off the phone with his U.S. literary agent, who told him that she was unable to sell the 900-page novel he had been writing and rewriting for six years. Her voice joined those of other creative colleagues, who advised that it might be time to forgo the writing career