Our Path to Remarkable Journeys

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Message from the President Excerpted from Daniele Struppa’s Inaugural Address, Sept. 30, 2016   On any journey, as every climber knows very well, the only way to progress is to never stop. As educators, we know that constant intellectual mobility is a fundamental component of success. As teachers, we must convey to each class the

In a Flash They Became ‘Hated Enemy’ Pearl Harbor altered the lives of Paul Nagano '42 and Toshi Ito '46, changing them from carefree students to internees.

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In 1941, Paul Nagano ’42 was a student at Chapman, enjoying pranks with his fraternity brothers, studying theology and playing basketball on a team made up of those “too short to play varsity,” he says. Meanwhile, Toshi (Nagamori) Ito ’46 was a senior at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles, enjoying swing dancing and

‘The Next Bomb May Be Our Last’ A letter by an ensign inside the USS New Orleans offers an eyewitness account of the Pearl Harbor attack.

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As director of Chapman’s Center for American War Letters, Andrew Carroll often receives the front-line writings of service members with interesting back stories of their own. For instance, a copy of the letter that follows was found stuffed inside a headboard at a Seattle-area home, generations after it was written. Penned by an ensign while

Building to Breakthroughs Chapman’s ambitious new Center for Science and Technology will provide room to stretch. Where better to see a culture of research truly flourish?

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Chapman chemistry professors pride themselves on interacting with each student during lab sessions, but to get to those students they must weave in and out of alley like aisles. A molecular biologist is researching pancreatic cancer, but sometimes she grows cell cultures in a converted closet to protect them from contamination. Unquestionably, profound research and

The Multiplier Effect Mathematician Daniele Struppa brings a passion for creative connection and a vision of national prominence for Chapman to his new role as the University’s president.

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More than utility, there’s elegance and beauty in the equations that spread across the whiteboard in Daniele Struppa’s office. Though the renowned mathematician has spent a decade in administration as Chapman’s chief academic officer, his ties to teaching and research are as close as the nearest felt-tipped marker. But although he revels in working through

Capital Growth A D.C. internship expands the horizons of Environmental Science and Policy student Leah Thomas ’17 as she does the same for young visitors.

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Meet Leah Thomas ’17 and step into her D.C. summer. Take a tour of President’s Park and the White House Visitor Center. Learn about the intersection of science, conservation  and social justice. Go to chapman.edu/podcasts. WASHINGTON, D.C. — Working steps from the White House never fails to inspire Leah Thomas ’17. As an African American student intern, she

Seasoned Leader In the post-Quesalupa world that is the Taco Bell test kitchen, Brad Natsume (M.S. ’13) adds his expertise to the mix, chasing the next great menu item.

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Enjoy a flavorsome visit to the birthplace of Taco Bell products.  Sample the company’s commitment  to quality and the role Brad Natsume (M.S. ’13) plays in spicing up the menu. Go to chapman.edu/podcasts. How could you not love being a food scientist at Taco Bell? Deep in the headquarters of the Irvine-based fast food chain, these

It’s Time to Bring on the Zombies – and the Literary Leaders Check out these podcast series produced by Chapman University alumni, students and staff.

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How Did You Get That Job? From fast-food tastemakers to innovative church pastors, superhero comic book writers to film industry animators, some jobs are so cool that we just have to ask Chapman alumni “How did you get that job?” At chapman.edu/podcasts. Science on Tap Grab a cold one and hear Chapman University faculty explore the intersection

‘Like Music from Mars’ Often playing one-of-a-kind instruments, Grammy-winning percussionist Nicholas Terry crafts a special connection with chamber audiences.

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Hear a sampling of percussion instruments and the extraordinary music of Harry Partch as performed by the Grammy-winning  ensemble PARTCH. Catch the full interview with Professor Nick Terry at chapman.edu/podcasts. View a Chapman Stories interview and watch Terry work with students in the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music. It isn’t every Chapman University professor who has the