Dyslexia as a gift, a challenge, to become a conference

May 19, 2015 by | Features

Richard Bausch remembers what it was like when he was a child. “I didn’t know what I had and there was no way to find out. There was nothing in place in public school at that time — still isn’t — to help kids like me. I just had to struggle along — and eventually create

Holocaust Remembrance is poignant as young and old unite

May 18, 2015 by | Chapman Now

The lunch that follows the awards ceremony for Chapman University’s Holocaust Art and Writing Contest is always a delightful time. Music fills the large tent on Bert Williams Mall; lunch is hot dogs, fruit, popcorn and ice pops. Hundreds of middle and high school students bustle with excitement. Guests of honor smile for countless photos.

Inventive music tribute lands a Grammy

May 18, 2015 by | Chapman Now

It was no ordinary musical recording that won Chapman University’s Nick Terry a Grammy Award this February. Terry, the director of percussion studies in the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music, triumphed as a member of the PARTCH ensemble, which won for Best Classical Compendium for their Harry Partch: Plectra & Percussion Dances. The recording was made

National Triumph for Guitar Quartet

May 18, 2015 by | Chapman Now

Three times Chapman University ensembles have entered the prestigious Brownsville Guitar Festival and Competition in Texas, and three times they have earned championships. The latest victory was in the quartet division by Sean Atkinson ’16, Nate Brown ’16, Chris Horney ’15 and Brandon Miranda ’16. In 2009, Chapman students won titles in the quartet and

Grant allows war letters collection to go digital

May 18, 2015 by | Chapman Now

Chapman University’s massive collection of letters from every war involving U.S. troops is a big step closer to being digitized so it can be accessed online by students, historians and others seeking to learn from the poignant writings. A $40,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will enable the University to begin digitizing

Sarah Anderson elevates the humble cup of joe to an art form

May 18, 2015 by Melissa Grace Hoon | Features

When she was 7, Sarah Anderson offered to make a second pot of coffee for a family gathering. Everyone hated it. No wonder — she reused the old grounds. So began the career of a champion. In February, Anderson ’10 showed how far she’s come in her coffee-making prowess, as she earned the title of

“If All the Sky” Tour hits D.C.

May 18, 2015 by | Chapman Now

If All the Sky Were Paper, the play inspired by Andrew Carroll’s travels to find “the most extraordinary war letters ever written,” continues on its own special journey. After March performances at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles, featuring Annette Bening, Gary Cole, Oscar winner Common and Chapman University alumni, came May dates at

Aussie Bean coffee makers have love at first sip

May 18, 2015 by | Uncategorized

Six years ago, Natalie Halfacre ’08 traveled to Australia to cover a Grand Slam tennis tournament and ended up at the center of an “ain’t love grand” experience. First came Gavin Wilkinson, then Aussie coffee, and both swept her off her feet. “So much of our days revolved around going to coffee shops,” recalls Natalie,