Chapman University is solar-charging ahead and has installed a “ConnecTable” charging station in the Davis Quad. The table will allow students to charge multiple electronic devices, using power provided by a solar panel that also shades the table.

Mackenzie Crigger, Chapman’s manager of sustainability, spearheaded the project.

She discovered the ConnecTable Solar Charging Station, made by CarrierClass Green Infrastructure, at a trade show. When the company rolled out the product, Crigger got Chapman in line. The hope is that these stations will help students work more efficiently.

Students sitting at a solar table

Students sit at the Davis Quad ConnecTable.

“You can be outside and still enjoy the modern conveniences of connectivity,” Crigger said.

Chapman has been encouraging projects and programs that promote sustainability. Among them:

  • Environmental audits completed annually by each graduating class.
  • Water bottle refill stations to reduce plastic consumption.
  • Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors that notify custodians when filled.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.
  • An EnviroPure Food Digester, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as waste-hauling expenses.

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Pictured at top: A bright day over the Attallah Piazza