Candy Valentine’s Day hearts are one of the most beloved hallmarks of February. But it’s also
American Heart Month
and Chapman University’s Department of Fire and Life Safety is marking the occasion with a lot of love for everyone’s heart.

The department recently added several more automatic emergency defibrillators (AED) throughout campus for use in the event of a heart attack, a leading cause of death in the United States.


Risk management specialist Pedro Villarreal, left, and Victor Arteaga, Chapman’s fire and life safety officer, co-chaired the committee that planned for the addition of more AED machines throughout campus.

“Every minute that you apply CPR and an AED increases the chances of surviving a cardiac event,” says Victor Arteaga, Chapman’s fire and life safety officer.

There are now 20 sites with at least one of the portable machines available. They are installed in visible spots, often adjacent to fire extinguishers in main lobbies, and typically in small unlocked cabinets. Their locations are marked by overhead wall signs emblazoned with a red heart.

Training on the machines is not required to use them. Unlike the versions paramedics use, these are programmed to guide the user with electronic audible instructions.

“There’s always a little chaos when a cardiac emergency occurs. But if you’re able to follow the directions and listen, it gives you a sense of reassurance because it guides you through all the steps, starting with calling 911,” he says.

The AED will read the victim’s heart rhythm and send the correct electric shock necessary to restore a normal heartbeat – or not. Arteaga says the AEDs won’t deliver a shock if none is necessary and the user will receive a message to continue CPR.

The Department of Fire and Life Safety encourages everyone to enroll in one of its
CPR/AED-First Aid Training courses

The expansion of the AEDs was an initiative of the University’s AED First Aid Committee Task force, co-chaired by Arteaga and risk management specialist Pedro Villarreal. Below are the current AED locations the task force selected, and more are planned.


  • Argyros Forum- Great Room Help Desk
  • Beckman Hall- Main Lobby
  • Hutton Sports Center-Julianne Argyros Fitness Center
  • Kennedy Hall-Main Lobby
  • Lastinger Pool-East poolside
  • Leatherby Library- Help Desk
  • Memorial Hall-Main Lobby (North)
  • Musco Center for the Arts-All floors
  • Public Safety Building-418 N. Glassell
  • Roosevelt Hall- (coming soon…)
  • Waltmar Theater-Main lobby
  • Wilson Football Field-West Field Level
  • Chapman Studios West-Main Lobby
  • Marion Knotts Studios-Main Lobby
  • Partridge Dance Center-Main Lobby

Residential Housing

  • Davis Center-Lounge
  • Masson Family Beach Club-Pool House
  • Panther Village Apartments-Main Lobby
  • Randall Dining Hall- Main Lobby
  • Sandhu Conference Center- 2nd Floor