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Chapman Dedicates Keck Center for Science and Engineering, Which Promises ‘an Incredible Future’

October 12, 2018 by | Science, Health and Education

Ribbon-cuttings are usually just door-opening events to celebrate a new building. But not so at Chapman University’s official unveiling of its new Keck Center for Science and Engineering. Even as University supporters, alumni, faculty and students gathered at the center’s entrance, activity inside was well underway. First-year students in General Chemistry I toiled away in

Getting to the Root of Racist Hate Chapman researcher Pete Simi says we shouldn't be surprised by violent nature of white supremacists.

August 10, 2018 by | Arts and Culture

Chapman University Professor Pete Simi has been to birthday parties where the cake was shaped like a swastika. He has seen a 5-year-old casually snap into a Nazi salute and heard other children recite horribly racist nursery rhymes from memory. He has listened to a white nationalist describe fits of rage so intense that after

Nothing to Worry About Shark Week is frightfully fun, but those big fish barely register in the Chapman Survey on American Fears.

July 19, 2018 by | Research

Swimming with the sharks is not Natalie Gallardo’s idea of a good time. So no way will she take part in that unofficial summer holiday and cable television mainstay – Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, now in its 30th year. “Eww. They make me nervous,” Gallardo says, shuddering. What Americans Fear But the toothsome creatures will

Graduate Students Participate in University’s Inaugural Three Minute Thesis Competition for Cash Prize and Bragging Rights

May 4, 2018 by | Research

It’s a numbers game: Fifteen Chapman University graduate students representing six colleges had just 180 seconds and one slide to share their research work, passion and findings with the judges on Wednesday evening. A countdown clock kept students on pace as they addressed everything from Civil War letter writing, financial literacy, to the Gypsy Holocaust

Alumni Growing Grassroots Climate Advocacy Citizens' Climate Lobby's Krause, Wanous draw in students.

April 19, 2018 by | Science, Health and Education

Combating climate change takes hundreds of decisions by millions of people to change small daily habits as well as big governmental policies. Chapman University alumni Taylor Krause ’16 and Sara Wanous ’17 are part of those efforts in their work with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, an organization that puts the emphasis on citizens. Krause made

Chapman Professor Publishes Childcare Recommendations for Conference Organizers Patricia Lopes joins Mothers in Science to tackle the “Childcare-Conference Conundrum.”

March 12, 2018 by | Research

Many women in science are raising concerns over the fact that parents with young children are often excluded from fully participating in academic conference activities. Early-stage researchers in the sciences often try to attend face-to-face academic conferences to advance their career by communicating new discoveries, forming collaborations, meeting potential funding agencies and recruiting new students.