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Do or Don’t “Go Set a Watchman,” but add your thoughts here

July 31, 2015 by | Campus Life

Until this summer, the legacy of Atticus Finch, small-town lawyer, believer in justice and fairness for mankind, was safely encapsulated in a half-century’s worth of character reverie. This Gulf Coast-ish summer bloomed problems for that character when Harper Lee’s old-new novel Go Set a Watchman published. Watchman is a rough draft of Lee’s Pulitzer

Chapman Quoted

December 11, 2012 by | Campus Life

Chapman University scholars have been featured in a variety of media recently, some of which include: Joel Kotkin, professor and Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures, on Democrats’ embrace of a tax reform plan at odds with their economic self-interest, National Public Radio. Lawrence Rosenthal, professor, School of Law, on Lake Forest City Council’s repeal