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Schmid College Faculty Invite Students for Research Opportunities The 2015 OURCA Faculty Research Expo

November 20, 2015 by | Research

Chapman University faculty showcased its scholarly and creative research last week at the Fifth Annual Faculty Research Expo hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. Seven of Chapman’s nine schools and colleges presented opportunities for students to study in their desired fields. The event was open to students interested in researching with

Mapping in Melbourne

September 8, 2015 by | Faculty

In the first weeks of fall semester, the campus is abuzz with talk about what everyone did during the summer, how it sped by, and what adventures they had. For me, the most memorable part of this summer was experiencing winter in July for the first time in my life. I had the privilege of

Funk Lab in Irvine

April 3, 2015 by | Research

Starting at the beginning of spring semester on Wednesday and Friday mornings, I would head out to the University of California at Irvine’s Extension Center near the Great Park. At this site, I have been working with Dr. Jennifer Funk and her lab technician, Julie Larson, on a project assessing how water availability influences leaf

World Water Day and Your Backyard

March 22, 2015 by | News

World Water Day was first established in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly. Designating March 22 of every year to water, this year’s theme for World Water day is ‘Water and Sustainable Development,’ celebrating how water is linked to all areas of our lives. Particularly in the southern California region water has

Science Forum: Earth in Context with Dr. Anne Egger

March 11, 2015 by | News

  March 18 2015, 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Chapman University,  Argyros Forum Student Ballroom, AF 119A   Our global society faces a number of challenges including adapting to climate change, assuring the availability of freshwater, and managing our energy resources wisely, all of which require a robust understanding of the

College Bowl Team for the Regional Win!

March 5, 2015 by | News

Once again, Chapman University’s food science students reign as the Mountain West region’s champions of Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) College Bowl . Next stop: Chicago for the National Competition at the IFT Annual Meeting ! The team just returned from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where they competed this weekend and won

The Beauty and Ecological Benefits of Legumes

February 27, 2015 by | Events

The February 25 soiree, “ An Illuminating Look at Legumes ”, hosted by Leatherby Libraries and Schmid College of Science and Technology was a great success! The stunning artist renderings in the library showcase the variety of legumes: tiny wildflowers, woody vines and even gigantic trees all fall under the Fabaceae family plant species.

William Wright: predator lobsters, night-diving and undergraduate research

February 12, 2015 by William Wright | Research

This research story starts during my sabbatical leave way back in 2009. I talked two Chapman students — John Berriman ’11 and Daniel Goldstein — into taking a research-diving certification course so that we could go under water at night to present yucchy sea hares to lobsters inside and outside the USC Wrigley Marine Science

Science Forum: The Deadliest Virus You’ve Never Heard Of

February 9, 2015 by | Events

February 11, 2015. 12PM-1PM. Chapman University, Argyros Forum Student Ballroom, AF 119A While Ebola has been the poster child for deadly viruses it is not alone in this category. There are other emerging zoonic viruses that can cause human mortality rates of up to 70%. The Nipah Virus (NIV) is one them.

The Inventor of the Laser Leaves a Legacy of Brilliance

January 29, 2015 by | News

Dr. Charles H. Townes’ genius will forever influence the technologies of the world. He won the Nobel Prize in physics for his invention of the laser in 1964 and continued to create numerous technologies driving our economy today. By improving modern surgery, medical devices, computer processing and much more, Townes paved a way for science

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