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Science Forum: The Deadliest Virus You’ve Never Heard Of

February 9, 2015 by | Events

February 11, 2015. 12PM-1PM. Chapman University, Argyros Forum Student Ballroom, AF 119A While Ebola has been the poster child for deadly viruses it is not alone in this category. There are other emerging zoonic viruses that can cause human mortality rates of up to 70%. The Nipah Virus (NIV) is one them.

The Inventor of the Laser Leaves a Legacy of Brilliance

January 29, 2015 by | News

Dr. Charles H. Townes’ genius will forever influence the technologies of the world. He won the Nobel Prize in physics for his invention of the laser in 1964 and continued to create numerous technologies driving our economy today. By improving modern surgery, medical devices, computer processing and much more, Townes paved a way for science

The Future of Big Data Careers

July 10, 2014 by Joe Yogerstl | News

This article, written by Joe Yogerst, originally appeared on the Los Angeles Times website. One of the nation’s leading authorities on big data retrieval, Erik Linstead is an assistant professor of computer science in the School of Computational Sciences at Chapman University’s Schmid College of Science and Technology. We asked him why big data retrieval is so important right now

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