The Science of Food
Posts from Schmid College's Food Science Students

Simple Science: Making Bread In A Bag

October 7, 2016 by | Student Focus

Did you know that Chapman recently broke ground on its most innovative building to date? The 140,000 square-foot Center for Science and Technology is the manifestation of Chapman’s ongoing commitment to scientific advancement and discovery. Get your future Panthers in the scientific spirit with this engaging and silly experiment, recommended by Chapman’s own Anu Prakash,


Coloring Your Perception of Food

May 4, 2016 by | Student Author

Today, it’s common to see articles that read “A Dangerous Rainbow” or “What are we feeding our children”. The conversation around safety of colors is being led by popular food activists like the “Food Babe”, and artificial food colors have come under fire. Push back from consumers has led top food manufacturers like Kraft and


New Chocolate Quality and Flavor in the Works

April 25, 2016 by | Student Author

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate bars are not made from a flowing, brown river. I’m looking at you for blame, Willy Wonka. You won’t even find a chocolate tree, as they are just as rare as money trees. And the Easter bunny does not actually lay chocolate eggs. I know, this sounds terrible, but please


Edible Food Packaging

January 19, 2016 by | Student Author

Imagine walking into a grocery store where everything is wrapped in edible skins, with no other packaging. You would be able to eat your ice cream or protein bar right off the shelf, its package or wrapper included! Think biodegradable skins and shells like those of fruits (coconuts, bananas, apples, etc.). Would you be afraid


Apples of the Future: The Argument for Genetically Modified Apples

November 23, 2015 by Tara Okuma | Student Author

First it’s Thanksgiving. And then there’s an entire month of holiday parties and dinners. At the center of many of them will be pie – either pumpkin or apple. It seems only fitting then that Food Science student Tara Okuma weighs in on Southern California’s apple picking season and the process of creating drought-tolerant apples.  Fall season brings about


In Defense of Pumpkin Spice

October 26, 2015 by Alexa Sarcona | Student Focus

With the fall season officially in full swing, we decided to ask Alexa Sarcona, a Food Science student, about some of the science behind pumpkins and specifically, pumpkin spice.  For those that do not live in Southern California, October means cable-knit sweaters, scarfs, and leaves turning orange. But how does one tell in


Pulp and Fish Bladders: The Science of the Protein Isinglass in Our Beer

October 2, 2015 by Steven Rogers | Events

In light of Homecoming this week, we asked Food Science students to talk about some of the wonderful treats offered at the event. Among them would be beer, and this year we’re very excited to not just have any beer but a specifically a Chapman Panther Brew, specially created for the day by Bottle Logic

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