State of Social Media at ChapmanU 2017

July 20, 2017 by | Social Media

While reading the Simply Measured State of Social Media 2017 report, I thought it would be helpful to pull highlights from that article as a resource for the Chapman social media community. Social media marketing has undeniably evolved into an integral marketing function for any business, from brand awareness, to direct conversions, to customer service,


Preview of the New Degrees and Programs Page

April 19, 2017 by | Website Overhaul

Strategic Marketing and Communications is excited to announce a major improvement to Chapman University’s degree and program listings. The changes include a new design, overall improved user experience, and more advanced technology. User Experience and Design As with our other projects, the new degrees and programs page was informed by Google Analytics and national research.


Best Practices for Social Media at ChapmanU

November 29, 2016 by | Social Media

Social media is constantly changing – keeping up with it all can be a lot of work. That’s where I come in! As things evolve we want to make sure the marketing/communication team members are aware of the new tools and the best ways to use them. During the November Communications Council meeting, I gave


100,000+ Social Posts in the Chapman Community

November 10, 2016 by | Social Media

Big news! We have exceeded 100,000 posts on the approved Chapman University social media accounts! This is a huge milestone for the Chapman community and we could not have done it without the consistent efforts of the social media managers across campus (that’s you). Why are we so excited?  The 100,000 posts are equal to


Chapman University Public Events Calendar Q&A

July 27, 2016 by | Strategy

We have received quite a few questions regarding Chapman University’s home-grown events calendar. This website interfaces with R25’s database and presents the data in a clean, user-friendly format. It is also mobile optimized and works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Users of events.chapman.edu can also update their content on events.chapman.edu and easily add photos and buttons


Introducing Events.chapman.edu

February 15, 2016 by | Design

Chapman is a bustling university with numerous events and activities happening daily. There are concerts, lectures, tours, sports games, plays, screenings, religious ceremonies, info sessions, student activities, gallery openings, club meetings, Greek events and much, much more (phew!). And if you are like most humans, it is incredibly hard to keep track of it all mixed


Chapman's Mobile Experience is About to Get Better

January 11, 2016 by | Mobile

Project update: Since 2011, Chapman University has considered a mobile app, but we have not posted an update for quite some time . Chapman has, however, been working in the background on this exciting project. Thanks to support from Chapman’s Alumni Board and the hard work of Chapman Administrators, the mobile app project is


The User & The Viewer:

August 4, 2015 by | Inside SMC

“I would just as soon that the process evaporates and you have to deal with the experience of the work.”  - Chris Burden Recently, I was walking the gallery floors of the newer Broad Contemporary Art Museum at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). During every visit, there is always some piece that seems

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