Folks, this is why it’s a bad idea to start a twitter account (or Facebook, etc) and not keep up with it.

  • (un removed) Hanging out in @chapman_union. Funny, it’s probably just another @ChapmanU twitter account that does nothing.
  •  (un removed) #socialmediafail. thats whats wrong w/ this… (un removed): @chapman_union active 50 days and only had 4 tweets. #princad whats wrong w/ this?
  • (un removed) – 50 spirit points for Selena! I’ve got more 2 give. (un removed): #socialmediafail. thats whats wrong w/ this. #princad whats wrong w/ this?
This earned us two or three tags in the #socialmediafail searches.
Censored version of SMFail screen grab