Chapman Family,

If you are reading this, you have noticed that Quick Links is missing from the new homepage.  Not to worry: when the rest of the site is delivered, we will be replacing quick links with something superior called a ‘welcome back’ page.  In the meantime, quick links is still accessible from every other page on the Chapman website.

Image of Quick links Location


What is a ‘welcome back’ page?

  • The welcome back page is a page that will display on subsequent visits to the Chapman Web site.  It will display recent searches, most visited pages, and give users an opportunity to populate their own ‘quick links’ area.  This way users will be able to personalize the links that are useful to them.

Will the ‘welcome back’ page be required?

  • Nope.  There will be a way to ‘opt out’ of the welcome back page if you prefer not to see it.
Will I have to sign in?
  • Nope.  However, if you switch computers or clear your cache the page will reset as it is utilizing the information in your browser.

Why not just leave quick links?

  • One of the primary purposes of the new website is to overhaul the navigation so that the site is easier to use.  Theoretically, when the site is well organized and easy to navigate there would not be a need for quick links.  Having said that, we do understand that the Chapman community likes quick links which is why we have decided to give it an upgrade (a.k.a. the welcome back page).

We are confident that users will fall in love with the welcome back page, or perhaps decide that the site is thought out well enough that they won’t need those shortcuts.  We are still early enough in this process to react to your feedback.  Please feel free to leave it below, and as always, thank you for reading.

-David May (on behalf of the Web Core Team)