Dear Web Author,

We are excited to announce the first chapter of training for Chapman’s new content management system (CMS): Cascade Server by Hannon Hill.  This product is a significant improvement to the current CMS (Active Campus) and we anticipate you will enjoy editing pages more in this new system.

Barkley REI, our consultant firm for the website redesign, has prepared some introductory training, in video format, which they’d like us all to complete prior to training sessions that will take place at the end of next week when they visit Chapman.  There are 12 lessons that give you foundations for logging in, editing a page, uploading an image etc.  It is important that you complete the online training course prior to the in-person training (or online Adobe Connect option) so you’re already  comfortable with the environment and basic tasks, and have identified any issues with your userid/access.  This will ensure that you get the most out of next week’s training.

Please block out about 2.5 hours in the next week, watch the corresponding videos, and complete the exercises.

NOTE ABOUT BROWSERS: Although the new CMS is supported in all browsers, we have found it works best in FireFox. Please make sure you have “Mozilla FireFox” installed and that it is version 9.x or higher).

If it’s not installed, contact the Service Desk and ask them to install it for you.

If it is installed, check the version. To do this, launch the browser by clicking the Firefox icon. Once open, click on Help in the menu bar. From the dropdown, select About Firefox. In that popup window it should tell you what version you have. If it’s not at least 9.x or higher, contact the Service Desk and ask them to upgrade it to the current version.

Again, this new product will make editing Chapman’s web-pages easier and more enjoyable, and it is important that everyone is trained properly.


Thank you!

Mandy Thomas and David May on behalf of the Web Core Team