Web authors / content owners / content migrators,

Thanks so much for attending last week’s training.  Remember, the first training was online and is still available for review.  We do have recordings of the ‘in person’ training available as well – be sure to listen to the last ten minutes or so if you had to leave early.

As for what to do next:

Mandy and the Web Core Team are working on permissions for the new system.  Please take a moment to poke around in the training area, and make sure you will be ready to migrate content once Mandy gives confirmation that the permission settings have been granted appropriately.  We expect this to happen Tuesday or Wednesday.  You will have 2 weeks to migrate your content into the new site.  This should be plenty of time for pre-written content to be pasted into the new CMS.  If you have 15 pages, this is less than 2 pages per day.  If you are a school / college that has 100 pages or more, we know this will be tight, but you will receive support from your web coordinator.

Why does migration need to happen so quickly?

Until the new site is live, you will have to keep your old sites current.  Naturally, when the new site goes up, we’ll want all the information current in there as well.  We’d like to shorten the amount of time you have to keep two separate places current. 

Thanks so much for all of your help with this project.  The sooner the content is in, the sooner the site goes up, and the sooner you are done!

– Web Core Team