Dear Web Authors / Content Owners / etc.,

Congratulations to each of you on surviving the first week of content migration!  The Web Team and I are delighted to see content flying into Chapman’s new website, and I can’t wait to see what progress this next week brings. Keep up the good work. More caffeine for everyone!

Timeline Update:

  • Content Migration Deadline – March 7th
  • Beta Launch, evaluation period – Begins March 7th

After the beta site launches, the Web Team will navigate through the site and test navigation, links, videos, etc.  We will also look for pictures that seem out of place, “orphan” pages that don’t link appropriately, and other challenges. At that time, we’ll also ask you to please double check your sections one last time.  After final adjustments are made, we’ll be ready to go live!

I realize these are challenging times. Please do everything possible to finish content revision and migration in time to be part of the new website. It would be a shame to launch the new site without links to your area. Remember that content writing was assigned on October 12th.

As always, thank you so much for the hard work.  We are at the middle of the 25th mile – keep up the pace!

David May
(on behalf of the Web Core Team)