Dear Content Owners, and Web Authors,


Members of Strategic Marketing and Communication department and Chapman’s Web Master have concluded that Chapman’s website is not ready to go live on March 21, 2012. SMC Web Coordinators will be in touch with key departments whose web sections need further work. Please have your site finalized by the morning of Thursday, March 22. We will test the site again on that day, and determine if the site will be ready to go live on Friday, March 23.  Sections that are not complete as of Thursday, March 22 may be ‘un-published’ and would not be included with the website’s launch.


In general, please keep an eye out for the following issues:


  • Only pages that are submitted and published (live on will be included with launch. Drafts that are saved will not be included. Please submit your pages.
  • Confirm that you are not linking back to pages on the old website, or referencing PDF’s, photos, or other documents that reside on currently. That old site will not be publicly available once the new site launches and your links and images will break.
  • Properly order your left hand nav (alphabetical is recommended unless a more logical order is necessary). If you require assistance, please contact your Web Coordinator.
  • Remember to place text captions in via Cascade (Chapman’s CMS) as opposed to using pictures that include text.

Workflow / Approval Process Update


Now that the vast majority of the new site’s pages have bene migrated, we will soon be turning on the workflows. Once workflows are activated, we will send out instructions on how that works. The ‘submit’ button in Cascade will send your page off for approval prior to getting published. At this time, if you wish to start working on a page, but then finish it later, you will use the ‘save’ button to save your work.

Thanks again for your hard work on this important project. We are in the home stretch!

-David May / Mandy Thomas
(on behalf of the web core team)