If you are new to the Chapman Family or new to social media, we invite you to stay in touch with Chapman University with these easy steps.

1. Social Media


Facebook is still our “heartbeat” social network. We regularly post photo albums, detailed updates, and news announcements.  You can access Facebook on your computer VIA the website, or on your mobile devices VIA the website or the Facebook app. To become a Fan of Chapman on Facebook:

      • Create an account (if you have not already).
      • Navigate to (or search for) Chapman University’s Facebook page and click the “Like” button.
      • Make sure the button to the right reads, “Following.” You will now receive updates from Chapman University in your Facebook News Feed.

Screen shot of the Chapman FaceBook page


Twitter is a great social media site for quick and short updates. The advantage for you: shorter updates are fast and easy to read allowing you to stay up-to-date on Chapman’s latest happenings without sacrificing time or energy. To Follow @ChapmanU on Twitter;

Screen shot of Chapman's Twitter page


Love pictures? You’re in luck! @ChapmanU posts pictures of the Chapman Family and our beautiful campus on Instagram. To Follow us:

      • Download the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
      • Create an account (don’t worry; you don’t have to post anything on your account if you don’t want to).
      • Search for @ChapmanU, and click “Follow.”
      • You can also visit Chapman’s Instagram account on a desktop and click “Follow”, but you will have to create your own Instagram account on the mobile app first. (Instagram is mobile-only.)

Screen shot of Chapman's Instagram page with a red circle around the follow button


But wait! There’s more

You can also follow Chapman University on Pinterest and Google+. For those of you interested in following Chapman University as well as individual schools and colleges, the Alumni Association, Athletics, and many more, please visit Social.Chapman.edu.

2. Video Content


Chapman produces dozens of different videos on everything from skydiving to faculty profiles. To see all the videos we’ve produced, visit Chapman’s official YouTube channel. To see all the new videos we produce, visit our channel and hit the “subscribe” button.

Screen shot of Chapman's YouTube channel account

iTunes U

iTunes U provides a convenient gateway to free courses from the world’s leading education institutions including Stanford, Yale, MIT, and Chapman!

To access iTunes U on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, download the free iTunes U app from the app store. For a laptop and desktop computer, download the iTunes software by searching for iTunes on any search engine. Once you have installed the iTunes software, open the program and click on “iTunes Store” on the left menu column. When the iTunes Store opens on your screen, use the grey menu bar at the top of the store and click on iTunes U. If you want to explore courses only offered by Chapman, click on the “Universities & Colleges” link on the right side (under iTunes U Quick Links). Chapman University is listed alphabetically in the “C” section.

Screen shot of Chapman's YouTube channel

Broadcast TV

Chapman University is on the air, on “regular” television, too. You can see President Doti’s award-winning talk show, “Dialogue with Doti,” every month on KCET. For showtimes and guests, visit the “Dialogue” homepage on the KCET website. During the winter holidays, don’t miss our annual Holiday Wassail Concert on KCET. This coming winter, that program will be broadcast nationally on public television stations across the country.

Screen shot of Dialogue with Doti story on KCET website

3. Websites


The primary Chapman website is a great place to go for information like:

This site is your reference point for information like this, but to “keep in touch” with the University, it might be easier to use…


This is your one-stop-site to learn the latest from Chapman University. Our trending stories, day-of events, weather information, and latest social media activity is consolidated on this page. It’s an easy place to stop every few days to keep up-to-date with Chapman.

Inside.Chapman.edu also allows YOU to submit stories to US. This way, the Chapman Family can also stay connected with you. Please keep us in the loop and submit stories by signing in with your Chapman University login credentials.

We hope these resources make it easier to stay in touch with Chapman University! For more information about Strategic Marketing and Communications, please
visit our website