While reading the Simply Measured State of Social Media 2017 report, I thought it would be helpful to pull highlights from that article as a resource for the Chapman social media community.

Social media marketing has undeniably evolved into an integral marketing function for any business, from brand awareness, to direct conversions, to customer service, to brand advocacy. Social media marketing now touches every part of the marketing funnel. – Simply Measured

Needed Support

“74.1% of respondents reported collaboration most often with marketing teams, and 63.1% said social media teams also work directly with creative departments. Social media teams
collaborate often with communications (47.3%) and public relations (45.7%). ”

While my position sits within SMC, the rest of the social media managers work in your respective schools, colleges, and departments. We might be “on the other side of the tracks” but we are eager to help you with your social media and marketing efforts. Feel free to reach out to me for social media questions and your Client Services Manager to develop and enhance your marketing strategy!

Analyze the Situation

“Analytics software was selected as the most-needed resource for marketers in 2017 to do their best work.” We’ve got you covered here! The approved social media accounts are included in our analytics software database and we are tracking the account growth. I will provide monthly reports to the managers of these accounts so they can see what is working and develop opportunities to build on those strengths.

Pay to Play

“The simple acts of publishing and sharing posts and engaging in conversations are vital when building and managing communities. Paid social can help you amplify organic content to a targeted audience, usually leading to higher conversion rates…In 2017, analysts predict a 26.3% global increase on spending for social media ads, according to eMarketer.”

With the ever-changing Facebook algorithm, pages are seeing a decline in the organic reach of their content. Boosting specific posts and creating ads to promote your stories, events, and programs can be a great tool to reach an engaged audience on social media. Reach out to your Client Services Manager and they can help guide you in the right direction for social media and online advertising.

Want to discuss how this information affects your marketing strategy? Send me an email or give me a call X3128