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Designing with “Less is More”

August 15, 2013 by | Strategy

The principle “Less is More” is a guideline which I try to ascribe to when designing for Chapman University marketing. Let’s start at the beginning. THE IDEA  You, the client, have an exciting, impassioned idea for something you want realized graphically. I expect you to know your subject matter well enough to articulate

Photos needn’t be picture-perfect to help tell the story

August 14, 2012 by | Inside SMC

We love photos in Happenings and we’re guessing all our fellow bloggers do, too. They help tell the story, add visual interest and catch readers’ attention. So we wanted to give a shout out to the folks in Student Life who sent us a nice one recently. They knew the two ingredients they needed in

Social Media Facelift

November 28, 2011 by | Social Media

Hi everyone, Chapman University social media is ready for a minor facelift. We are looking to improve our Facebook and Twitter pages to contain inventive and relevant tabs, features, and video. Our first move? A Twitter Tab. There is a disconnect between social media platforms that makes it less convenient to check who you are

Where is Quick Links!?!?

November 16, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

Chapman Family, If you are reading this, you have noticed that Quick Links is missing from the new homepage.  Not to worry: when the rest of the site is delivered, we will be replacing quick links with something superior called a ‘welcome back’ page.  In the meantime, quick links is still accessible from every other page on

Feedback Received and Design Updated

November 14, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

Chapman Family, Thanks so much for your feedback on our new homepage.  REMEMBER: the rest of the site won’t arrive until the Spring of 2012.  However, we are excited to announce that our homepage has been updated with your thoughts in mind.  Now, please provide feedback on the new (live) homepage! Some of the design

Chapman University – New Look for our Homepage

September 29, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

Hello Readers, As you may know, Chapman is getting a new website in the Spring of 2012.  We are excited to announce Chapman’s new homepage which will launch this fall, and would like to post some images of the new design for feedback. Before you take a peek at the new site, there are just

A New Site is Coming – Should I Change My Old Pages?

August 18, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

With the new website under construction, what type of energy should you be putting into your existing chapman.edu pages?  Should you change your old site? The short answer is “no…” with a “but.” NO:  We don’t want to re-design sites, change the look or feel of pages, or make other extensive alterations at this point.

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