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V.P. of Marketing: Message to the Deans RE: Web Overhaul

January 11, 2012 by | Website Overhaul

Dear Colleagues: With the start of the new year, we’re beginning the final countdown to the complete launch of the university’s new website. As you might recall, our goal is to migrate from “old site” to “new site” in early March, and that looming deadline has us all working at top speed. Getting updated content

Chapman University – New Look for our Homepage

September 29, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

Hello Readers, As you may know, Chapman is getting a new website in the Spring of 2012.  We are excited to announce Chapman’s new homepage which will launch this fall, and would like to post some images of the new design for feedback. Before you take a peek at the new site, there are just

Mobile Apps – what do Chapman students want?

September 21, 2011 by | Mobile

For those of you who ‘like‘ us on Facebook, you probably saw this post.  I broke comments up into categories: Hours for things: Gym/open rec times Caf Events (Athletic/Alumni/etc.) – perhaps a mode that would show you what events are coming up in a building that you are near Directory: Public Safty Health Center Psych Services

New Homepage Coming this Fall (new site to follow)

September 19, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

Hello readers, As you probably know by now, Chapman is getting a new website. This won’t happen all at once, but you will start to see some changes in upcoming months… and from what the new students are saying… …the changes are good ones. Keep an eye on this blog for updates. -DM

Apps and Labs

September 16, 2011 by | Mobile

Hello readers, Every so often when talking about mobile apps, someone informs me of a project that a faculty/staff member or student is working on. On the one hand (from a marketing perspective) brand management and brand consistency can be tricky things to coordinate. We have to be very careful what messages we put out,

Rumor 1: What is going to happen with the PIO’s?

August 29, 2011 by | Website Overhaul

Occasionally we will hear rumors regarding the  web overhaul that we want to ‘set straight.’  This blog will serve as a great way to do that, so please feel free to ask questions here. The first rumor that I’d like to dispel is: “after the new website is delivered, we will no longer have PIO’s.”  I’m happy to inform

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