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Dean of Students

Wednesday of finals week is the night traditionally selected by students for Undie Run.  While...Read More ▶

Wednesday of finals week is the night traditionally selected by students for Undie Run.  While this is not a sanctioned University event, I traditionally take this opportunity to offer some information and advice:

  • If you intend to participate, we ask that you please be safe and be respectful to the people and property around you, both on and off campus.  Items such as torches and open containers of alcohol will be confiscated by Orange Police or Public Safety.
  • We recommend that you avoid leaving personal items of value unattended.  Each semester we receive reports of students leaving cell phones, keys, or other items behind during the Run, only to find them gone when they return.
  • We also recommend that you wear shoes; last Undie Run we had several foot injuries (broken toes, lacerations, etc.) suffered by barefoot students.
  • There have been several recent reports of Chapman women being approached and accosted by unknown non-Chapman men. Unfortunately, the Undie Run can be a prime attraction for such men, so I encourage all women to stay together and avoid men you don’t know.
  • The Bert Williams Lawn in front of Memorial Hall will be set up for Commencement ceremonies, so we suggest students gather in the Attallah Piazza again and then run to Glassell through the Schmid Gate by the campus’s main entrance.
  • The Leatherby Libraries entrances will be locked during Undie Run except for the east doors facing Argyros Forum; these doors will be staffed by Public Safety and Undie Run participants will not be permitted to enter.
  • Undie Run participants needing restroom facilities are encouraged to use the ones in Argyros Forum, which will be open 24 hours during finals week, or the restrooms in Hashinger which will be open during the Run as well.

I also want to caution you strongly against hosting off-campus parties on Undie Run night.  Most of you are well aware that Orange Police are becoming more vigilant about responding to reports of disruptive house parties; in fact, this year several students have been cited with criminal violations carrying hefty fines for parties deemed to be excessive.  I see no reason not to expect the same kind of response on Undie Run night. OPD also will request the assistance of Chapman Public Safety at disturbances involving Chapman students, and the students involved will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary consideration.  Given that it is finals week, and given that all students have been cautioned in advance against inappropriate behavior, the Dean of Students Office will consider stronger sanctions for violations occurring on Undie Run night.  This caution applies not just to parties but also to vandalism and other criminal activity.  For that matter, knowing that classes conclude on Friday, I expect that OPD may be patrolling extra closely this weekend as well; I encourage you to keep this caution in mind if you are planning any parties prior to finals week.

Thanks for your consideration of these items.  As always, if you choose to participate in the Undie Run please stay safe and sober and encourage your friends to do the same — jmp






Jerry Price, Ph.D.

Dean of Students and

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Chapman University


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