Staches & Lashes: 2nd Annual Drag Show
Sat Apr 20, 3:30am - 6:55am • Student Union • Free • Requires a reservation More Info: Tickets:

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The second annual Staches and Lashes Drag Show transforms the Student Union into an accepting, open, and exciting location that will feature some of the best Drag stars!Read More ▶

Chapman’s second annual Staches and Lashes Drag Show is lighting up the Student Union stage on April 19, 2013!

Staches and Lashes features three Drag Queens and one Drag King who will take the stage performing some of students’ favorite hits. The highlight of the stage will be a giant ice cream cone that will serve as a throne in this year’s hodgepodge theme of “Thrift Shop.”

Last year saw the inception of the drag show and it was a brilliant success! Audience members recall how excited they were when the performers were on stage. Alexandra Contreras, ’15, noted that “it was such a great atmosphere” inside the Student Union. Nicole Shay, ’14, recalled “It made me want to go to a real drag show which is similar just way more intense.” The audience was able to see what the show was truly about: accepting people as they are no matter their quirks, backgrounds, or interests. Hosted by UPB, QSA, and the CDC, this event is the main attraction of Pride Month, meant to bring awareness to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community in and around Chapman.

Tickets to this event are FREE but require a reservation. For more information, please visit the Event Facebook Page.

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Kylie “Sonique” Love is known for her home-style southern charm, stunning gymnastics, and being the first to announce that she is transgendered. Sonique began her transition into being a female prior to being on RuPaul’s Drag Race show but postponed it until she was eliminated from the show in season 2.

Memorable Sonique Quote: “My time is valuable too, so hit it!
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 7.21.05 PMRaven is a drag queen known for her fierce runway walks, superb fashion sense, and lyrical lip-syncing talents. David Petruschin, raven’s alter ego, is a make-up artist, performer, and comedian from Riverside, California.

Memorable Raven Quote: “I like to be that mysterious, dark, ice queen. I think I have a look that people might be a little intimidated by.”
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Mayhem is a drag queen who did not survive the auditions for Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Show, which was a let down to many fans. She has a background in theater and loves being on stage. She does not make her own costumes but shops in Downtown LA to find her eccentric costumes.

Memorable Mayhem Quote “My style is glamorous, serious, comical, soulful… just plain FAB!”

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Noted as ‘SoCal’s Premiere Drag King,’ Kristine Carr transforms herself into “Landon Cider”. Landon recently was named Master Illusionist of the Year in 2012 for his physical impersonations of Pitbull, Adam Lambert, Chucky, and Tim McGraw among others.

Memorable Landon Cider Quote: “Kings can reign just as fierce as the Queens!”

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